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Why Standards

Every student across YUHSD will have access to a rigorous and challenging curriculum.  As educators, our professional responsibility is to ensure that every student has access to a high performing teacher in all content areas who will challenge, support and prepare him or her for the assessment of learning.  Every teacher will strategically plan instruction and engage students in the learning and assessment of that learning, and the standards as described by the Arizona Department of Education. Standards are the reference point for teaching and learning.  Standards are not the definition of curriculum or teaching practices.  The standards adopted by the Arizona Board of Education address what a student is ultimately expected to learn.

We serve a diverse community.  Our diversity includes socioeconomic diversity.  We believe that education is the equalizer. Access to the same academic standards delivered by a teacher who uses engaging, high-quality instruction and a rigorous curriculum meeting the needs of every student begins with Arizona Standards as the foundation of instruction.