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RNY Billboard Showcase 2022

Each year Yuma Union High School District selects 12 students to represent the school district and its Ready Now Yuma initiative on billboards throughout Yuma County. The 12 students (two from each of the district's six high schools) are all seniors, who will graduate as part of the Class of 2022. They imbue the overall mission of Ready Now Yuma, which strives to prepare EVERY student in YUHSD for career, college, and the community during their high school years. Below are personal essays each student shared as part of the selection process: 

Enrique -- Yuma High School


After four years of entertaining the thought, I want to describe high school as the foundation of core subjects and the opportunity to identify one's strengths and weaknesses.  Rightfully so, Yuma High helped me prepare for college by giving me an idea of what careers I should pursue.  Committed to the idea of leading me in the right direction, Yuma High also helped me identify what I am naturally good at and the importance of effective communication.  Even though I am still in the process of learning what constitutes a well-founded high school, the best lesson Yuma High has taught me was to both prioritize and pursue meaningful goals. 

"Accepting the fact that we are unable to thrive alone is one of the reasons why I relish the multi-faceted process of learning." - Enrique, YHS

My next step is to attend Arizona Western College. I want to experience a community college before attending a university because I believe one's potential matters more than the place from which the individual graduated. Additionally, Arizona Western College is more cost-effective compared to the average university. It also provides key opportunities that will allow me to explore my options and challenge myself.  At Arizona Western College, I will pursue an associate's degree in theater and chemistry for the sake of experiencing what both disciplines have to offer.  After college, I will continue my education at the University of Arizona and major in microbiology, which will lay the foundation to become an immunologist. 

Above the thought of wanting to discover my true potential, what motivates me is knowing that I am not the only person working towards a better future.  I do not believe someone can be successful without support, which is why I believe being surrounded by people who want the best for you is essential.  Rising to the top loses meaning if the process requires undermining the journey of others.  Accepting the fact that we are unable to thrive alone is one of the reasons why I relish the multi-faceted process of learning.  For me, the collaboration involved in learning something new is as fun as improvisation is on stage.  My friends believe in me as much as I believe in them, and therefore I will continue to try my best. 

Many of the issues I faced on my way to graduation involved a constant feeling of uncertainty.  Everyone has their doubts, and I am no exception.  Reflecting on decisions made throughout the day is, more often than not, overwhelming but necessary.  Comparing myself to who I was yesterday is a practice that helps me recognize if I am moving forward, even though it may not always be the case.  Under the sea of responsibility that everyone has, it is difficult not to lose track every once in a while.  Remembering who we are and why we are here, specifically during times of uncertainty, is not easy.  Each day, I try my best to ensure that my conscious actions match my good intentions, and that will continue to be my goal.  Before allowing myself to be known as a professional, I want to be known as a good person.

Desi -- Vista High School


At first I didn’t know what I wanted to do during high school. But as the years have gone by, I now realize what I want to do, because my time in high school has taught me some great things. During my time at Kofa High School, I was in the JROTC program and it taught me how to step out of my comfort zone and take action into becoming a leader. My time at Vista has taught me to flourish in my leadership skills even more by being responsible and helping the community.  The things I've learned have changed my perspective on a lot of things. It helped me grow as a person and I learned to take new opportunities.

My next step as a graduate this year is to continue to go to school and start off at Arizona Western College. Here at Vista I am currently one of the student workers and I'm thankful that the district gave me the opportunity to work.  I’ve learned so much about customer service etiquette, organization, and being  detail oriented. I very much enjoy what I do and would like to continue to go to school and study business, and one day work at the district and/or become a real estate agent.  Maybe both, if I go above and beyond. 

The things that motivated me throughout high school were to set a good example for my family and younger siblings. I want my siblings to follow the same path in the future knowing they can go above and beyond their limits. Over generations my family has gone through many difficulties and challenges but never had that example to see it through in the end. I want to become that example to make a change and have an impact on my family and in myself. 

Throughout high school I had multiple people, staff and teachers motivate me to keep going and to work even harder. During high school I moved to four different schools. The school that I grew from and had an impact on me was the JROTC at Kofa. It was the start of everything, and I could say made me more ambitious. My junior and senior year, I wasn’t able to do much but then I went into Student Council and was able to help my community in many different ways. People in my life, teachers and staff have helped me grow as well.  Mr. Diego Moya here at Vista has helped me tremendously throughout my time here, especially when I first started. Ms. Sara Saucedo, I am thankful for her because she always makes sure I get to school and on top of my classes, and would talk to me about my future and any situation. These two. I would say, have helped motivate me by believing in me and seeing the potential to grow even more. 

Some obstacles that I have gone through in my time during high school was the whole pandemic, because after that everything has changed throughout the past year but not only for me but everyone else around the world. There were many losses from friends and family, but also at the school.  My time in school I had a bad habit of procrastinating, getting to school and not asking for help. Ever since I started my job at the school, and realized I had the opportunity to graduate early I became more aware of my actions and made that change.  

Octavio -- San Luis High School


It’s crazy to think that four years have passed by since the first time I stepped foot in San Luis High School. I still feel like I am in the middle of my sophomore year. Definitely, the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t allow us to live the full high school experience, but I would be lying to you that I didn’t grow and enjoy it. Just like everybody, I was very nervous the first day of school being exposed to a lot of unknown faces. Yet with time, I began interacting with my classmates and even met people that I now consider as my family. I started to become more extroverted towards my friends and shifted into becoming a self-assured person. I even started pushing myself into doing things out of my comfort zone that my introverted self would have never dreamed of doing like becoming a leader in my community, and participating in more in school activities.

These last four years, we’ve followed the same routine: wake up, interact at school with these same faces, and go home to sleep in order for the next day to repeat the same routine. Some of us had clubs, sports, or even work that we took care of, but at the end we still followed the same routine mentioned above. We burgeoned into this routine seeing it as something normal, and it is sad to think that in less than a month, the routine we called “normal” would cease to exist. Although saddened, I’m also excited to experience what my future holds, and I encourage others to do the same.

"When the future seems dark just remember that every problem has a solution, and that solution starts with you." - Octavio, SLHS

I would like to thank all the people who have supported me through my high school career when I needed them the most. First of all, I’d like to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to enroll in a school in the United State. It is thanks to them that I’m able to write this essay and graduate. I would also like to thank every single teacher that I took, but especially Mrs. Claudia Sohnleitner for her tolerance, patience and for all the tips about college, and Mr. Martin Peralta for strengthening my passion for music and for all the experiences and opportunities that came with it. I’d like to thank my boss, Mrs. Maria Angulo for giving me the opportunity to work at the San Luis High School bookstore, and providing me a taste of how the work field looks. And how can I forget my friends who were my moral support in those days that I felt like giving up. Karina, Carlos, Fatima, and all my homies from marching band to all of you I am thankful. 

Class of 2022: I know that we are going to succeed, whether you go to college, enroll in the Army, or go straight into a career. Even yet when the future seems dark just remember that every problem has a solution, and that solution starts with you. To all of you, I wish you good luck and farewell.

Ciara -- Kofa High School


Schooling and education has been a cornerstone of my life thus far as is- and anyone that knows me is aware of my desire to learn anything involving the natural sciences, physics and engineering. 

“What is out there? What makes us tick? What makes everything tick, what makes time tick?”  These "hows" and "whys" are the peak of my special interest. Since elementary school, I have had a fascination with the solar system and far beyond, in the subjects of astronomy and astrophysics. However, it was not until high school that this fascination could develop further and my knowledge on the cosmos could improve. At Kofa, some of my best connections and motivators have been formed; I have made very close ties with many of my teachers throughout high school. 

"I hope to, in the future, continue along this route, and quite literally reach for the stars stemming from the inspiration and motivation provided to me by so many imperative figures in my life." - Ciara, KHS

Mr. Marty Dillon, my history teacher, a motivator to push the bounds of what I could do and prepare me for extensive hard work; Mr. Ian Coltman, my wonderfully brilliant physics teacher that could teach me with ease a huge array of topics in physics; Mr. Berenice Llamas, my excitable automotive teacher that has showed me that true passion and love for one’s field of interest is the best motivator; Mr. Jamie Nicewander, an outspoken English teacher who showed me ways to think critically and differently about many topics… these have been just a few of the most memorable of my teachers through my high school years. My dad, though lived apart, also inspired me greatly in the interests of physics and engineering, and I strived to be like him. Having a very erratic and unstable home life, school was a reprieve, and genuine interest in learning meant that I always faced school prepared.

However, I had my fair share of difficult encounters and experiences in high school, though all of them have been external. Of them include mental disorders that were diagnosed only shortly ago, namely autism spectrum disorder that meant I had (and have) a very difficult time interacting with peers and expressing myself. Additionally, and sparing the details, I had a very unsafe, unsanitary and unstable home environment, living in poverty with my mother for the longest time. I had finally been able to be relocated through the foster care system- though even then, that came with its own struggles. My father passed away a short time ago, and ever more chaotic events still continued- each month is another unpredicted trial! But now, I have the invaluable chance to pursue higher education in college that I could not have attained without foster care. 

The drive to change my conditions and where I am in life, domestically and financially, is what had started me along. So many people aimed to ensure that I kept going- too many to mention in this single essay! I hope to, in the future, continue along this route, and quite literally reach for the stars stemming from the inspiration and motivation provided to me by so many imperative figures in my life. 

Eliu -- Gila Ridge High School


Beyond a doubt, I can say my purpose for being on this planet is to serve and work with people. The reason I say this with such certainty is due to the deep, meaningful relationship I have with God. As I have matured and gone through more trials, my relationship with Him has only grown more intimate.  He has become the most important aspect of my life. Due to this love I have for Him, my main goal in my personal life is to follow His two greatest commandments: to love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love my neighbor as myself. This desire to obey Him and help others has flowed over into academics and my career choice to study Biological Sciences at ASU, and become a Physician Assistant. This career will allow me to combine two of my favorite aspects of life: science and working with others, all while serving the needs of my community and obeying two of God’s greatest commandments. 

Along with the spiritual influence, there is also a desire in me to make my family proud through academic achievement and a successful career. My grandparents worked incredibly hard to come to the United States and provide opportunities for their children and grandchildren. Most of them only have a sixth grade education.  They had to drop out of school in order to work and help provide for their families. I owe it to them to make the most out of the opportunities I have, opportunities they were never granted. Whenever I see them, they ask how school is going and encourage me to put effort into my education.  This is a great reminder of how valuable learning is to one's life. 

Coming from a tight-knit farming community also influenced me to pursue a medical career field.  I see an unmet need for medical professionals in my community. I grew up in Yuma, Arizona where the ratio of primary care providers per capita is 700:1, nearly twice the national average. This is an alarming ratio and the effects it has on the community are very noticeable.  Clinics often have long wait lines, lack empty seats in lobbies, and require extensive wait times to even schedule an appointment with a healthcare professional. For all of these reasons, I believe the best way to serve my community, work with people, and challenge myself academically would be to study Biological Sciences and become a PA. 

After graduating with my degree and becoming certified as a PA, I aspire to partner with a church or organization and travel the world as a medical missionary. Doing this would combine my professional skills, my love for serving God, as well as introduce me to different cultures and allow me to enjoy experiences around the world. After serving those in need around the world for a season, I would return to my hometown and help address the medical needs in my community. I dream about the opportunity to study Biological Sciences at Arizona State University and obtain the skills I need to do what I love most: serve God by serving others. 

Jayleen -- Cibola High School


High school is almost over. It is coming down to the number of weeks, instead of months, until graduation and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t trade my high school experience for anything. Throughout high school, I was given the opportunity to be involved in different programs and a variety of activities. I participated in many sports, including volleyball, softball, and swim. As well as being a part of the Nursing program. Although nursing was not the path for me, the opportunities presented at Cibola allow students to figure out what it is they want to do in the future.

Throughout all four years, I have been in Cibola’s agriculture/Future Farmers of America (FFA) program. While in FFA, I have traveled across the state and grown my leadership abilities. Through my experiences in FFA, I have learned how to be more confident in public speaking and drastically increase my efficiency. For the past two years, I have had an agriculture teacher, Mr. Caleb Gillispie, who has helped me grow and been a positive influence in my life and helped me realize my passion and love for agriculture. Looking at what I want to do with my life and what career path I want to take comes from the impact he has made. I want to pursue a career in being an agriculture teacher. I want to be able to make a difference in people’s lives the way that my AG teacher did for me. To further this goal and to take my next step, I will be attending the University of Arizona in Tucson's College of Agriculture and Life Science to major in Agriculture Technology Management & Education: Teaching Emphasis. 

While in high school, I have learned to enjoy the small moments because once you reach the end of the line with your diploma, you’ll never get this time back. If I could leave a piece of advice to younger and future students, it would be to go to the sports events, the dances, and anything else to create the memories that will last a lifetime. Doing this allowed me to take a step back from the stress of academics to enjoy being a high school kid.

Nashely -- Yuma High School


Climbing the Stairs to Graduation: Starting high school, I knew two things had to happen by the end of my four years: to grow up, and reach college.  It was inevitable.  I thought growing up meant a boring life and more work, but I learned over the years that the choices and opportunities I take, make up my life.  I realized that I can choose my future and my pathway to get there.

At first, my freshman and sophomore years began to feel incomplete and I half-heartedly latched onto my new day-to-day routine.  I wasn’t growing out of my comfort zone; I didn’t play sports or join clubs.  Then in March 2020, the second semester of tenth grade, my high school life was paused.  The United States had gone into a nationwide quarantine due to COVID-19.  I spent most of my junior year at home and realized major changes had to be made.  I was climbing the stairs blind while hoping the next step up would be there.  Eventually, I found interests and finally a sense of potential future.  Each day, there is a new hurdle on the next step to graduation.

My challenges in high school were more internal.  I felt like the “last pick” so I worked on whatever I thought I was lacking.  I’m still trying to grow up and I’m trying to stop underestimating my abilities.  There are those in the world that put down anyone trying to rise up, so why inflict more damage on myself?  I thought I needed to work twice as hard as everyone to get on equal standing, but I now know that everyone else is thinking the same.  I only want to live in the moment, and have fun with whatever I do. I’m going to make sure I live my best life.  I plan to go to Arizona Western College for two years and transfer to a university for a bachelor’s degree in education, while working as a substitute or AVID tutor.

Yuma High School taught me to take chances, ask for help, and to help others. Opportunities come and go.  It’s better to accept and experience than to reject and regret later.  Chances were missed for fear of embarrassment or other meaningless things and I regret it.  Therefore, from here on out, I promise to take chances.  Asking for help has been a struggle.  I have always been independent and afraid to speak of my shortcomings.  My friends and teachers have encouraged me to reach out whenever I felt unsure or needed clarification, and now I feel I can rely on those around me.  As a token of my appreciation, I will be there for anyone who asks in the future.

Motivation was hard to attain and harder to keep.  All advice went in one ear and out the other.  Restless, I worked on assignments hours before deadlines after spending most of my time focusing on extracurricular activities or personal life.  My inspiration to change my habits came from my mom.  She has had to jump big hurdles in her life to provide for her family.  She experienced fear and insecurity, but persevered to become the person she is today.  Her journey provides me the motivation to climb even higher.  

Edgar -- Vista High School


To begin with, I didn't know what career I wanted to study for my entire first three years of high school. I was clueless on what I would want to dedicate my life to eventually until senior year when I came to Vista.  I took a class at Vista that my old school didn't offer; that class was Mental and Social Services. It immediately caught my attention. I've always liked the idea of helping out people with problems such as internal or external ones. Mental and Social Services really was interesting to me, so now I plan on studying to become a psychologist or a therapist in the future. 

My high school experience has also helped me prepare by making me more extroverted and communicative with others. After high school I want to get into a community college like Arizona Western College or go out into a University such as Arizona State.  My teachers have been really positive influences on me. They have helped me every step of the way and guided me very well throughout my high school experience at Vista. They would help me out of tough situations when I found myself stuck. Some other people that have helped me along the way were my close friends and family as well. They have motivated me throughout high school because I wasn't so extroverted like I am right now.

They've helped me with talking more and allowing me to express myself. Every day that I walked into class my teachers would greet me with the best smiles and "hellos." Little things like saying “good morning” or just greeting someone can make their day a little better and they would always do that. There was never a day I disliked coming to school.  Every day was a good day to be at school and study and get work done. Being at school and socializing with the teachers and joking around would be fun and funny. I was able to talk to the teachers without there being a fear of them not liking my ideas or the way I think. 

The obstacles that I have had to overcome at the time were pretty difficult for me sometimes, such as not being able to get everything done on time and not having the motivation to go to school. I once had in mind to just stop studying because I would think that it was too much for me. Schoolwork was becoming stressful and taking a toll on me. I would stay up until 3 in the morning just to do nothing but my online course homework causing me to become sleep deprived the next day sometimes. I would put aside hanging out with my friends or family as well which wasn't a positive feeling. I disliked the idea that I had to give up the things I enjoyed doing just to graduate but that was a sacrifice I was willing to make. My family, friends, teachers would support me when I would decline “fun activities” just to get my work done. But eventually realized that I can do it with just enough strength and motivation that my teachers, friends, and family would give me.

In the end, everything was worth it because when I was told that I was officially going to make it. All the stress just fell off my shoulders making me feel better and glad. I've learned that I shouldn't procrastinate and leave everything till the end because that's what I did and it wasn't a good idea. I would've rather gotten everything out of the way at first so I can chill and take an easy and focus on my in-person classes more instead of doing everything last minute. The whole time I was saying “I'm gonna get it done” or “I'm gonna do everything on time” which I did end up doing. But Instead, I did everything rushed and at a stressful time because graduation was getting closer. It wasn't an easy path that I chose because I could've made it easier just by doing everything on time, but it's a path I can look back at and say that won't repeat again, but was worth getting done.

Danna -- San Luis High School


I am the oldest among my two younger siblings and I will be a first-generation college student in my family. I plan to attend Arizona State University for the next four years after I graduate high school to pursue a bachelor's degree in family and human development, which will prepare me for a career in social work. Since I was a child, I've always  enjoyed helping others, from giving advice to friends to organizing charity for those in need. It all began when my parents took me to orphanages to deliver Christmas gifts to the kids. Now that I'm older, I enjoy spending my weekends in San Luis, Mexico, distributing food to the homeless. I am very passionate about helping the less fortunate which is why I want to continue doing this in a professional setting.

My high school experience has undoubtedly assisted me in better preparing myself for the career I want to pursue by allowing me to participate in classes that require me to interact with others. For example, as of my senior year of high school, I am enrolled in a Peer-to-Peer class, which incorporates engaging as a peer mentor towards students with special needs. Working with these students has taught me a lot in a short period of time; I've seen a range of behaviors and learned how to communicate with them and respond to their needs. Aside from that, I've helped out at school by serving as an usher during events hosted in the auditorium. Being not only an usher but also the house manager has given me the opportunity to develop leadership abilities by overseeing the activities in the auditorium. Greeting guests and directing them to their assigned seats has also helped me practice my communication skills by serving others and reacting to their needs in a courteous manner. All of these experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom, have helped me to better prepare for a future as a social worker.

In addition, my parents are a source of motivation for me to continue to be a diligent, ambitious, and committed student. They have always been there to push me toward my objectives, even when I doubt myself. Both have never failed to get engaged in all aspects of my life, despite the times I watched them struggle to make ends meet. My dad goes to work before I even wake up and arrives late at night, yet he never fails to ask me about my day and make time for me. I admire the amount of support they give me so I can receive the education they never had. 

Being the daughter of a field worker has, unfortunately, made my education quite challenging. Family is really important to me, so having my father go to work before the sun rises and welcoming him back home late at night has left a void in my life at such a young age. Given that my father has been the only one who has financially supported our family by working in the fields for a low salary, I am aware that I will encounter financial difficulties along the way of pursuing my bachelor's degree. I recognize that a higher education is costly, but I also recognize my great desire, potential, and commitment to achieve this goal. My upbringing has with no doubt influenced what I want to do in the future. I would love to repay my parents one day for raising me the way they did despite having to overcome many obstacles along the way in order for me to obtain an education. 

Dylan -- Kofa High School


Exhausted from my workload in my freshmen year, I spent most of my summer break being unproductive and neglecting to do my summer school work. When I did attempt to complete it, I would end up complaining about the workload being too much, having distracted myself with useless things and thus significantly slowing my progress. Near the end of summer break, however, I rushed to get all of my assignments submitted in time, having wasted much of my time avoiding work and enjoying myself. In the end, I finished and turned in each assignment on time, but I had become completely unmotivated to go back to school, knowing that the workload would be even greater. 

Throughout sophomore year, I had put in an insufficient amount of effort into my studies and classwork, dragging along through each assignment with no drive and no reason to continue. However, I quickly saw the effect that it had on my grades, having three grades below 70% and a 2.29 GPA, the lowest grades I have ever had in school. Knowing the consequences and feeling the embarrassment it brought me, I did as much as I could to bring my grades up in the time left in the semester. In the end, it still was not enough to save my grades and I ended the semester failing two classes, which I would need to take summer school for to make up the credits. 

After hearing this, I was beyond embarrassed and irritated for letting myself go down this path. However, instead of solely feeling sorry for myself and continuing in the same manner, I made it my goal to never let it happen again and to avoid the mentality and habits that held me down. I began to work much harder in the second semester, this time with a clear purpose and the needed motivation to get me through it. There were many times where I wanted to give up and give in to the distractions, especially during at-home learning, but by remembering the result of my past carelessness, I was able to push through and endure the struggle.

All of the time and effort that I had put in had paid off at the end of the semester, ending with almost all A’s and B’s, with a GPA of 4.0. Although I still had to do summer school to make up for the credits I failed from the first semester, I continued to work hard to ensure that I passed and be able to move onto next school year. During my junior year, I continued to strive towards my goal of staying clear of failing and used my past mentality and emotions as a lesson and motivating factor for me when things become overwhelming. With this goal in mind, I ended both the first and second semester with straight A’s and GPAs above 4.0. 

This experience and the goal obtained from it is especially important to me because it serves as a reminder of the product of carelessness, and it also provides the motivation to maintain academic success and further my opportunities for the future. To this day, I still remember the amount of discomfort and shame that I felt when I had heard from my counselor that I would have to take summer school. It was the first time that I have needed to take summer school, and I felt even more embarrassed knowing that I used to think lowly of people that needed summer school, and yet I was the same. I was also afraid of the consequences that it would have at home, since I was well below the standards I had. Yet, at the same time, I was able to accept all of these feelings, since I knew that it was all a result of my own lack of effort and care put into school, and that it deserved proper consequences. 

With this experience is also the desire and drive to avoid it from happening in the future, which has helped to get me through feeling overwhelmed or stressed from school and responsibilities that come with it. By remembering the result of those past choices and past mentality, I have been able to push myself forward and continue to work hard until graduation. 

Clarissa -- Gila Ridge High School


When I think of Gila Ridge High School, I can picture all the warm faces that light up the room. Every single student, teacher, and staff member has dreams and aspirations in life. I, Clarissa Magdaleno, am no different. Four years ago I was an eager, bright-eyed freshman who was excited to experience high school life. I challenged myself from early on to immerse myself in rigorous courses, athletics, and clubs. From softball, sports medicine, volleyball to HOSA these are a small list of accomplishments that shaped me into becoming a better version of myself.

"Without tough experiences I would have never had the courage to attend university and pursue a career in the demanding field of medicine." - Clarissa, GRHS

My biggest academic achievement so far has been the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program. It has been a privilege to be a part of a program that is committed to the success of students in the healthcare industry. I have nothing but amazing things to say about the program, my classmates, and my instructor. My classmates are a special group of people that helped make the experience lively. I won’t forget the laughs we had during skills practice or the smiles I shared with the residents during clinicals. This class is what has led me to selecting a career in medicine because it brings together my three favorite things: science, people, and learning. 

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “ A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” My time at Gila Ridge has taught me determination, even in the face of adversity. There were times where I didn’t believe in myself and that I couldn’t get back up after failing. Today I can proudly say that I no longer fear failure. Without tough experiences I would have never had the courage to attend university and pursue a career in the demanding field of medicine.

I am grateful for having such a supportive environment here at Gila Ridge. I’m afraid that if I began to thank everybody who helped me I would not stop. I would like to thank my parents and my sister for putting up with me during this period of my life. Without their support, I would not have pushed myself to attend the University of Arizona to fulfill my dream of being a neurosurgeon. I can wholeheartedly say that Gila Ridge has gifted me with knowledge and tools to execute any objective. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the following cohorts of Hawks. 

Matthew -- Cibola High School


Leadership, teamwork, and helping others are all meaningful to me. I have been in  student council leadership (StuCo) for five years, and tennis for the past four years. I am the  Student Body President for the 2021-2022 school year and am one of the Varsity Boys Tennis  Team Captains.

Teachers have instilled in me hard work and passion through their love for teaching. My freshman year I took Additional Mathematics with Ms. Tesa Schneider. She  genuinely loved teaching. I love math, and Ms. Schneider solidified it. She showed me a unique way to look at numbers and shapes. Her energetic voice could be heard from down the hall, and  this energy was infectious to her students. Her teaching style was effective because she showed  examples and gave straight forward notes. Her philosophy was “Math can be difficult, but if you  put in the hard work and practice, you will learn how to grasp the concepts.” This belief has a lasting impact because it is true and works. It helped me get through more difficult classes. Math  concepts make sense and people cannot alter the outcome to fit what they want. Mr. Joshua Norlien continues opening my eyes in AP Statistics. He makes learning interesting and fun while also keeping us on task. His experience and knowledge in Statistics is obvious and makes asking  questions comfortable. Ms. Patricia Garcia has brought out my interest in science. She gives respect to students and therefore receives respect in return. I enjoy science research and credit Ms. Garcia.  

I have found my passion in both StuCo and tennis. The people I have met are some of the best I know. Collaborating with like-minded, hardworking people is an incredible feeling. StuCo and tennis have opened doors for me to talk more with my peers, meet new people, and develop  my leadership skills. I have participated in many non-profit events for Amberly’s Place, Yuma Rotary, Saddles of Joy, and Yuma Crossroads Mission. The importance of serving others has  been instilled in me and is in my genes. My dad has been a Rotarian for years. I also see what my mom adds to the community as a school counselor. These experiences have helped me grow and inspire me to succeed while serving and contributing to my school and community.  

I plan to attend The University of Arizona in the Fall of 2022. The past few years I have grown more interested in health, personal fitness, and building/planning. A career as a doctor has floated around in my head for a long while, and now as a senior in high school I realize how much I love the world of statistics and engineering. I have decided to major in Biomedical Engineering at The U of A. Upon completion of my bachelor’s degree, I will apply to medical school. I am enthusiastic for the college experience and plan to utilize opportunities for  internships, research, community service, and building new relationships with professors, mentors, and peers. It is up to me to get the most out of college, and I plan to do so.