What will happen with students with disabilities during hybrid or distance learning?

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We are committed to support the learning of all student and ensuring equitable learning opportunities to enable students with disabilities to progress in meeting learning needs and social emotional learning continues to be the aim of IEP and 504 teams. Our Return to Learning Plan relies heavily on decisions made by each student’s IEP or 504 team.

Throughout the duration of the school year, parents and families can expect the following:

  • Parents must be involved in any decision about an individual child’s placement or services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) or Section 504.
  • The IEP team will review the specialized services and supports prescribed in the current IEP. They will also document the status of the services and supports during the school closure, as well as the effect of that level of support and service. IEP teams will then ascertain individual needs and determine if the IEP should be amended or rewritten to reflect changes to services and supports, which will include a fully virtual learning plan that can be implemented at any time, if needed.\
  • Special education teachers will continue to collaborate with general education teachers to provide scaffolds, accommodations and modifications for students with disabilities in both physical and virtual settings. Special education teachers will communicate frequently with families to ensure student needs are being met in both the physical and virtual settings.