What is Helios Education Foundation and what is its interest in YUHSD?

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Helios Education Foundation is a philanthropic organization dedicated to creating opportunities for individuals in Arizona and Florida to succeed in postsecondary education. Helios shares YUHSD’s commitment to ensuring every student graduates prepared to succeed in college and career. As a result, Helios’ staff is working closely with district leadership to support the successful implementation of the Ready Now Yuma initiative, contributing leadership, expertise, and financial resources toward the success of YUHSD students. Helios Education Foundation provided a $450,000 grant for the planning and piloting of Ready Now Yuma. Subsequently, Helios has committed nearly $4.5 million over five years in additional funds to YUHSD to fully implement the Ready Now Yuma initiative. Helios’ investment in Ready Now Yuma and the success of YUHSD students is earmarked for teacher and counselor professional development, expanding school district capacity and expertise, developing student academic supports, initiative evaluation, communications, and community outreach.