If my student must be absent, what is the procedure?

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Student attendance is CRITICAL for school success!
Any time a student is absent from school, it is our expectation that the school will be 
notified directly. Please call 928-502-6800 to speak with the Attendance Office.

Students are allowed 5 (five) unexcused absences per class/per term (every nine weeks) –
When a student exceeds 5 (five) unexcused absences in a class, he/she may lose credit (No Credit - NC) for his/her course and be 
presented with the following options: 

• A reduction in class schedule. 

• Attend the after school Lobo Academy with the possibility of returning to the VHS day schedule for the following 

All absences will be reviewed upon breeching the allowed amount. If undocumented absences continue to occur with 
interventions in place, a conference will be held to determine if Vista is the best fit for the student or if another campus 
would be more beneficial for the individual needs of the student.

*There are occasions when a student in good standing (passing grades/positive behaviors) has poor attendance. Such 
students may be eligible to “earn back” their lost academic time in the form of community service/volunteering. These 
arrangements require specific qualifying criteria and are determined by the classroom teacher, Drop-Out Prevention 
Specialist, and administration.