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GRHS students pass CNA exam

Six Gila Ridge High School students passed the knowledge and skills portions of the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam recently.

"I am so proud of all of the students,” said Gila Ridge CNA instructor Hillary Stock, who is also registered nurse. “At the beginning of the semester, they were afraid to even speak to the nursing home residents. Now they are ready to work. I am excited for their future careers in healthcare, and I can't wait to start a new group in January."

The students will hold the title of Certified Nursing Assistant after submitting their information to the Arizona State Board of Nursing.

The exam is the final portion of the Nursing 2 course, which is taught on several Yuma Union High School District campuses as part of the district’s Career & Technical Education program.

Before the CNA exam students were required to pass the CTE program assessment as well as complete 60 hours of a supervised internship at a local care facility.

The following Gila Ridge students passed the CNA exam: Elizabeth Lopez, Joey Dressler, Jocelyn Alcala, Liza Drake, Emily Gebhardt, and Adriana Ortiz.

James Kuzniak