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YUHSD reading challenge produces more than 500 student book reviews

SLHS challenge winnersStudents from various Yuma Union High School District campuses reviewed more than 500 books as part of the 2020-21 “Review It” reading challenge, organized by YUHSD Librarians.

Cibola High School student Arianna Banuelos earned 144 points for her reviews, compiling the most in the district, while Kenia Ayon Pompa from San Luis High School earned 129 points for second place. Isaac Sanchez Clark (118 points) from SLHS and Katelyn Sorenson (117 points) from CHS finished third and fourth, respectively.

“Seeing students submit their incredibly creative and fun book reviews on Canvas for this challenge definitely wasn’t a substitute for being back on campus for a normal school year, but it allowed us to still see our students work hard and for something they do so well in,” CHS Librarian Amanda Coltman said.

For students to participate in the book review challenge, they were asked to follow a few steps.

Select a book from any place. This could include the school library, public library, books at home, anywhere they can find a book. The book can be in any format such as a physical copy, audiobook, eBook, etc. Read/listen to the book. And review the book and submit it to their respective campus’ library Canvas course as they would any other class assignment.

Here some of the other high scorers across YUHSD: Alberto Lopez (YHS), 78 points; Kimberly Patño Coronado (SLHS), 67 points; Adora Zavala (YHS), 65 points; Victor Santoyo (YHS), 64 points; Demian Diaz Ochoa (CHS), 54 points; and Marilyn Garcia Chavez (KHS), 12 points.

"We were happy to be able to provide a library reading program this year that was accessible to all our students, whether they were digital or in person,” YHS Librarian Caitlyn Zaksheske said. “We hope to have even more fun with next year's program!"

CHS reading challenge winners

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