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YUHSD librarians announce winners for 2019-20 reading challenge

YHS library During the 2019-20 school year, Yuma Union High School District librarians issued a challenge to students: complete a reading BINGO card, win prizes.

Students spent several months daubing their cards before and after the COVID-19 pandemic grabbed hold of the world. And on Monday, librarians across the district announced the winners.

Cibola High School: First place, Gavin Martin (140 books); Second place, Lily Martin (103 books); Third place Savanna Hanks (total not available)

San Luis High School: First place, Priscilla Rojas (72 books); Second place, Bella Guel (65 books); Third place, Isaac Sanchez Clark (63 books)

Yuma High School: First place, Ruby Lazo (72 books); Second place, Clemente Gomez (63 books); Third place, Stephanie Williams (27 books)

Kofa High School: First place, Jasmine Gastelum (27 books); Second place, Jordan Cheeseboro (18 books)

Gila Ridge High School: First place, Summer Ehrig's class

This was the second year that the group of librarians have collaborated to incentivize reading. In 2018-19, from August to April, libraries on all five comprehensive campuses took part in a competition called “Reading Without Walls” to encourage learning about cultural differences and becoming more diverse in reading choices. That project resulted in students reading more than 1,400 books. The 2019-20 project likely totaled even more.

Currently, librarians are hosting the “Review It” challenge, where students can read books, critique them and earn prizes. The 2020-21 challenge started on Aug. 17, 2020 and will continue through Feb. 19, 2021.

YUHSD Librarians include: Amanda Coltman at Cibola, Peggy Evans at Gila Ridge, RJ Kiekevold at Kofa, Lourdes Aranda at San Luis, and Cait Zaksheske at Yuma High.

Eric Patten