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YUHSD librarians team up for book review challenge

review flyer Whether schools are involved in distance learning or they are learning in person, the need for students to continue reading is vitally important. That’s why librarians across Yuma Union High School District are instituting their latest annual reading challenge… with a twist.

Students won’t just be reading books, but also critiquing them to accumulate points and earn prizes.

To participate in the 2020-21 book review challenge students will need to follow a few easy steps:

  • Select a book from any place. This could include the school library, public library, books at home, anywhere they can find a book. The book can be in any format such as a physical copy, audiobook, eBook, etc.
  • Read/listen to the book.
  • Review the book and submit it to their respective campus’ library Canvas course as they would any other class assignment.

“This challenge rewards student readers for keeping at it, even when school looks a little strange,” Cibola High School Librarian Amada Coltman said. “We understand the importance of literacy to our schools, and the YUHSD librarian team is excited to encourage and support our students regardless of whether we are in person or digital. We are excited for the possibilities that this new school year brings and we look forward to how our students will surprise us this year.”

According to Coltman, the review can be as creative. Students are encouraged to use Google Docs, Powtoon, Prezi, FlipGrid, their webcam, phone camera, or any other tool. Each review will be scored according to a rubric available in the course.

The program runs from Monday, Aug. 17, 2020 through Friday, Feb. 19 2021.

Eric Patten