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YUHSD distance learning schedule provides on-camera and off-camera learning opportunities

chs teacher first day Beginning Monday, August 10, Yuma Union High School District enters its first full week of distance learning.

Synchronous (on-camera) classes begin at 9 a.m. daily. For comprehensive campuses, first, second, and third period take place live on Mondays and Thursdays, while fourth, fifth, and sixth period take place live on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Following the on-camera portions of class each day, students are encouraged to take a break from screen time, eat lunch, and then conclude the school day by working on all six periods of class through the Canvas Learning Management System. Students will also work independently through Canvas each Wednesday with teachers available for “office hours” 8-11 a.m. and then taking part in professional development in the afternoon.

To view the full distance learning daily schedule, including variations for Vista High School, families should visit

Students and faculty members from across the district shared some of their thoughts about the distance learning experience through the first two days:

“Our teachers, students, and parents were amazingly supportive, flexible, and professional as we navigated the first day of our new type of school year. It did everyone's heart good to hear laughter, instruction, and collaboration in the halls.” – Jessica Curry, Instructional Coach, Gila Ridge High School

“My favorite part of the first day of High School was using Canvas and getting to meet my new teachers. They were all very nice, helpful, and welcoming. Even though we did not get to go to school in person, it was also fun to see old and new classmates online and it was also nice to get back into somewhat of a daily routine again.” – Alana McDonnell, freshman, Cibola High School

“Although we all prepared and were ready for distance learning, we could never be prepared for the outpouring of emotions from both our teachers and students as full classes appeared on the screens. Welled up tears of a teacher, thrilled to have 30 out of 30 [students] in her first period appear, reminded me of the work we do here and how critically important our student-teacher relationships are.” – Bibi Frazine, Instructional Coach, Kofa High School

“My favorite thing about the last couple of days was seeing familiar faces like friends and teachers. Distance learning has been a new experience, not just for me, but for everyone. Even though this is not how I expected my senior year to be, I’m optimistic and willing to learn from this.” – Galilea Martinez, senior, San Luis High School

“It was really amazing to see our students again. Most teachers had a high turnout for on-camera learning, and students were very enthusiastic to get back to learning. Students were able to adapt quickly to this new challenge of beginning the year with distance learning, and that really say a lot about how amazing our students are. I can’t wait for the rest of the school year.” – John Ellegood, Social Studies Instructional Leader, Gila Ridge High School

“Seeing my friends and my teachers and being able to interact with them and learning about my classes was my favorite part of the first day.” – Edgar Higuera, junior, Cibola High School

“Although new challenges changed the way we deliver a positive learning experience, we were still able to bring the classroom environment to students using online tools that allowed us to interact in a similar way to face-to-face meetings.” – Tawny Saldana, Culinary Arts Instructor, Cibola High School

“The ability to interact with students during distance learning really is awesome and I am excited to get started with this semester. It is going to take some time to adapt but, overall, it has gone smoothly and students are eager to participate.” – Diego Moya, Economics Teacher, Vista High School

“The first day of school was an exercise in flexibility and creativity. The Gila Ridge teachers really stepped it up and found a way to reach their students and build relationships in spite of the current circumstances. The Hawks just took flight, but we'll definitely be soaring soon.” – Hans Gaston-Ramos, Instructional Coach, Gila Ridge High School

“My favorite thing is being able to work with other teachers in my PLC to develop the lessons that will be best for the student's learning and enrichment. Organization was great for distance learning. My overall impression of distance learning is that students are excited about learning. Having the on camera time with the students allows the teacher to see and get to know the students.” – Tamara Kay, CTE Instructional Leader, Yuma High School

“The number of students who attended live instruction on day one of virtual learning was astounding.” – Gabe Ortiz, Physical Education/Fine Arts Instructional Leader, Kofa High School

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