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Cibola and Gila Ridge agriculture programs combine for 15 first place finishes in YUHSD FFA competition

Yuma Union High School District’s Future Farmers of America competition at Arizona Western College produced winners from multiple schools, including eight total first place finishes for Gila Ridge High School’s agriculture program and seven from Cibola.

Events at the competition test the student knowledge in various aspects of agriculture, ranging from Food Science and Job Interview to Livestock and Poultry Evaluation. These competitions serve as a hands-on preparation for future state-level contests, and allow students to take the knowledge they learn in the classroom and apply it to the different areas of agriculture they may have interest.

The state competition will be taking place Feb. 27-29, 2020 at the University of Arizona in Tucson. 

“Our students did an outstanding job of competing and representing our Ag programs,” GRHS FFA Advisor Buck Pruit said. “The students were very prepared and showed a variety of skills and I cannot wait to see how they do at the State Competition later this month.”

Here are the results across YUHSD:

Cibola High School:

Team Results

Ag Business: Adam Raney, Savannah Sears, Kampbell Kizer, and Christopher Didio, (First Place)

Poultry Evaluation: Kailey Faulkner, Tyler Martinez, Zachary Yablonski, and Christopher Didio (First Place)

Vet Tech: Gabrielle Evans, Davelyn Willinger, Jayleen Anderson, and Harvey Parkerson (First Place)

Food Science: Adam Raney, Kampbell Kizer, Savannah Sears, and Athena Munoz (Second Place)

Individual Results:

Ag Business: Kampbell Kizer (First Place)

Entomology: Davelyn Willinger (First Place)

Poultry Evaluation: Kailey Faulkner (First Place)

Vet Tech: Gabrielle Evans (First Place)

Ag Business: Adam Raney (Second Place)

Poultry Evaluation: Tyler Martinez (Second Place)

Ag Business: Savannah Sears (Third Place)

Entomology: Davelyn Willinger (Third Place)

Vet Tech: Davelyn Willinger (Third Place)

Gila Ridge High School:

Team Results:

Horse Evaluation: (First Place)

Entomology: (First Place)

Nursery Landscape: (First Place) 

Soils: (First Place)

Agribusiness: (Second Place)

Wildlife: (Second Place)

Agronomy: (Third Place)

Individual Results:

Horse Evaluation: Madisson Kahlen (First Place)

Nursery: Jake Cohman (First Place)

Soils: Emmaline Mellon (First Place)

Wildlife: Seanna Engel First Place)

Entomology: Isaac Lopez (Third Place)

San Luis High School:

Team Results

Agronomy: Daniel Juarez, Alejandra Pasillas, Marco Sanchez, and Andres Villagran Jr. (First Place)

Nursery Landscape: Ana Luisa De La Rocha, Aylin G. Robledo Zavala, and Abel Osuna Juarez (Second Place)

Nursery Landscape: Hector Leon Mosqueda, Fernando Sanchez, and Edgar Zambrano Jr. (Third Place)

Individual Results

Agronomy: Daniel Juarez (First Place)

Agronomy: Andres Villagran Jr. (Second Place)


Eric Patten