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YUHSD librarians issue BINGO-themed reading challenge to students

To follow up with the success of last year's district-wide library challenge, where Yuma Union High School District students read more than 1,400 books, district librarians have issued a new reading incentive program for the 2019-2020 school year. This time it’s in a BINGO format.Table for reading challenge

The reading challenge, with participation from all YUHSD libraries, requires students to read a book that falls into a category on a BINGO square. Participants will record what books were read for each category with a brief synopsis. When participants complete a BINGO they will be awarded a small prize such as candy or pens. When an entire BINGO card, or a so-called “blackout,” is recorded, a larger prize will be given. The student with the most completed BINGO cards at each school by the first week of May will earn a Barnes & Noble gift card that was purchased by the librarian using his or her personal funds.

"Reading BINGO encourages students to read a wide variety of books and expand their literacy skills while having fun,” Yuma High School Librarian Cait Zaksheske said. “Stop in your school library today to pick up a BINGO card.”

This is the second year in a row that the group of librarians have collaborated to incentivize reading. Last year, from August to April, libraries on all five comprehensive campuses took part in a competition called “Reading Without Walls” to encourage learning about cultural differences and becoming more diverse in reading choices.

YUHSD Librarians include: Zaksheske, Amanda Coltman at Cibola High School, Peggy Evans at Gila Ridge High School, RJ Kiekevold at Kofa High School and Lourdes Aranda at San Luis High School.

Eric Patten