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Yuma County Science and Engineering Expo seeking judges

The Yuma County Science and Engineering Expo is seeking judges for its Feb. 22, 2019 event.

The competition is open to elementary, middle and high school students. All community members are welcome to judge and can register by visiting:

“It’s STEM-based and project-based, but it also gives students a lot of freedom to choose an area of interest and run with it,” Yuma Union High School District Associate Superintendent Lisa Anderson said. “There is phenomenal work that comes out of the competition each year, and it’s student-generated and developed, which makes it even more impressive.”

There are eight categories for submission: chemistry/biochemistry, earth and environmental science, zoology, botany, engineering and technology, health/medicine and microbiology, physics, and social science. Each project must utilize the scientific method as well as include a narrative report and research paper.

Last year’s competition saw 19 YUHSD students from five different schools take home an award. Brandon Sarrasin and Andrew Sarrasin from Gila Ridge High School were the overall winners among high school entrants.

Eric Patten