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YUHSD and ASU Prep Digital partner for freshman math course

Math 100 in Yuma Union High School District is getting a new look this year.

YUHSD and Arizona State University Prep Digital hosted a training on Tuesday, Aug. 14 at Yuma High School for more than 25 teachers from all five comprehensive schools in the district to introduce a new hybrid Math 100 course for freshmen.

“Today was an opportunity for ASU Prep Digital to get together with leaders in the schools, the teachers, instructional leadership in the schools, and provide professional development,” ASU Prep Digital Chief Business Relations Officer Cecilia Lopez said. “What does a program look like? What are the expectations, the choices? Really open it up for the training and for everyone to ask questions along the way.”

The program, which has been 12 months in the making, will include upwards of 2,300 freshmen across the district.Cecilia Lopez (standing) and Michelle Masson at the training.

“We hope that it will take all of our freshmen and give them a blended opportunity to get some online instruction as well as direct instruction from a teacher inside the classroom and blend those two things together,” Gila Ridge High School Math Instructional Leader Michelle Masson said. “They can do stuff at home. Before it was harder for them to do stuff at home because the teacher was only within reach during those classroom hours.”

YUHSD is one-to-one technology district, meaning all students are issued a netbook at the beginning of the school year, which they use to complete assignments in class and at home. Students already use the Canvas learning management system in most classes and have digital learning opportunities throughout the four-year academic experience. However, the partnership with ASU Prep Digital will potentially allow the district to take that to a whole new level.

“With ASU Prep Digital, from the very beginning those students have that growth mindset,” Lopez elaborated. “Our program, our development, our courses, our professional learning are all geared towards those outcomes for those students. It’s also a mindset of college readiness. It’s starting students at a beginning point.”

The teachers who took part in Tuesday’s training will receive professional development and support from ASU Prep Digital throughout the year with an additional extended training occurring in September. In the meantime, the expectation is for students to begin the online portion of the Math 100 course soon.  

“We should see lots of freshmen bringing home laptops and working on their math and that will look different to us,” Masson said.


Eric Patten