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Kofa and Gila Ridge tie for largest “safety committee” award

Gila Ridge and Kofa high schools received the largest “safety committee” award at Yuma Union High School District’s Governing Board meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 8.

It is the first time in three years of distributing the annual award that schools have tied. San Luis High School received the largest award the previous two school years.   

Chief Financial Officer Dianne Cordery handed out checks from Board-approved insurance proceeds to the safety committee for each of the six schools in the district. The campuses fulfilled several requirements for the 2017-18 school year.

Each school is required to have a safety committee that meets quarterly and conducts inspections twice per school year. During those meetings and inspections, each committee is looking for building and equipment hazards and safety concerns such as damage to crosswalks and signage. They also monitor injuries on their campus throughout the school year.

Gila Ridge and Kofa both received checks in the amount of $7,300 for incurring the fewest safety hazards and injuries on their campus for the 2017-18 school year. The committees will allow students and faculty to vote on how funds will be used to improve their respective campuses.

Other safety committee awards included: Yuma High School ($6,000), San Luis High School ($5,800), Cibola High School ($5,700), and Vista Alternative High School ($5,300). Checks were presented to a representative from campus administrative teams by Cordery and Governing Board President Phil Townsend.

Steve Anderson and Phil Townsend  Phil Townsend and Mike Sharp

Eric Patten