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Cibola High School teacher selected to create an award for the Arizona Creative Excellence Awards

Cibola High School teacher Holly Hendrick wasAward created by Holly Hendrick. selected to create an award that was presented at the Arizona Creative Excellence Awards on October 19, 2023.

Hendrick was chosen among 30 artists who were submitted throughout the state of Arizona for the opportunity to be selected. Five artists, including Hendrick, were selected overall. This is the first time an artist from Yuma was selected to create an award for this special event. 

“By being selected and representing Yuma, I'm being a good role model to my students,” Hendrick said. “For them to be able to see what a working professional artist looks like and what they do, I think that’s really important. I’m an example of how artists can make a living in the real world and be a part of this community.”

The Arizona Citizens for the Arts looked through all 30 artists’ social media pages to review their artwork and their creative style, and Hendrick was selected based on her aesthetic abstract art.

“The artwork bears the title ‘Crystals,’” Hendrick said as she described her art piece. “Just as a caterpillar undergoes a beautiful transformation into a butterfly, the creative process similarly experiences a profound metamorphosis. This artistic endeavor draws inspiration from the person whom the award is named after, a person with a deep affection for butterflies.”

Hendrick’s ceramic art piece was presented to Judy Phillips, recipient of the Oonagh Award, an award that celebrates individuals and organizations who have created innovative collaboration and partnership and continues to make an impact in the Arizona creative community. 

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Miss Holly Hendrick for five years and from day one, I know that she was extremely passionate about her craft and the ceramics program,” Associate Superintendent Derek Bosch said. “She’s not only passionate about her own class, but the fine arts community in general.”

The Arizona Creative Excellence Awards, previously known as the Governor’s Arts Awards, is a yearly event presented by the Arizona Citizens for the Arts and the Office of the Governor of Arizona to recognize outstanding achievement and contributions to the Arizona arts community. The awards honor not only the creative talents in Arizona but also the passion of those who support the arts in Arizona’s schools and communities.

Lesley Avila