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SLHS team presents at national symposium

SLHS teachers, students, and staff at Aurora Institute’s annual symposium A team of students, teachers, and administrators from San Luis High School presented at the Aurora Institute’s annual symposium “Unlocking the Future of Learning” on Oct. 16-17, 2023 in Palm Springs, California.

The San Luis team of students Emeli Garcia and Anelys Romero Herrera, Principal Rob Jankowski, Assistant Principal Heather Madrigal, and teachers Kassandra Ramirez, and Lucio Sanchez presented in a session entitled: “Student Self-Efficacy Through Digital Portfolios.” The students talked, specifically, about their experience with digital portfolios and how they have been able to use the portfolios as a tool to build their future.

“As a senior, digital portfolios have given me an easier way to access my personal and educational information when it comes to applying to scholarships and universities,” said Romero Herrera, who is a senior. “Everything is stored in the same place: my resume, recommendation letters, and skills. Having the opportunity to present in front of principals, teachers, and staff from schools all over the United States has been a remarkable experience. I was able to share my experiences, learn about different teaching strategies, and give feedback. I felt like a voice for students to help transform K-12 education."

In recent years, digital portfolios have emerged as a powerful tool for students to showcase their achievements and growth over time. This provides an equitable platform for student ownership of the learning and opportunity to increase self-efficacy through collection of work samples, reflections, and goal setting improvement. Ultimately, digital portfolios are a powerful tool that promotes student agency and active participation in learning.

"The new digital portfolio has provided me with new tools for organization and reflection,” said Garcia, an SLHS junior. “It was a delight to present and be part of a learning process and make new connections."

Founded in 2019 in Arlington, Virginia, the Aurora Institute, according to their website, examines the needs for transformational change in K-12 systems, promotes best practices, identifies policy barriers, and makes recommendations for change.


Eric Patten