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YUHSD libraries announce ‘Read Across the Universe’ reading challenge winners

Yuma Union High School District libraries wrapped up their fifth annual reading challenge for students across the district.  

The “Read Across the Universe” challenge, which was held from August 8 to April 28, required participants to “travel” to planets in a solar system of literary genres and read the requisite books required to trek the “distance” to the next planet. 

Each time students read a book associated with a planet, they were asked to submit a review on the library’s Canvas page or turn in a “quick review” sheet. The student would then receive a stamp towards that planet and move one step closer to advancing.

“The district librarians had a lot of fun facilitating this year's program,” Yuma High School Librarian Cait Zaksheske said. “It was great to have so much student participation and we can't wait for next year's reading challenge.”

Winners were determined by the total number of points earned throughout the competition. Here are the top three finishers from each school that participated: 

Cibola High School: First place, Kaitlyn Hummer (348 points); Second place, Katelyn Sorenson (344 points); Third place, Eliza Sorenson (272 points)

Kofa High School: First place, Reidiny Aguirre (1104 points); Second place, Le Treynor (912 points); Third place, Analyse Contreas (468 points)

San Luis High School: First place, Nadya Barbosa (1646 points); Second place, Blanca Carrasco (1358 points); Third place, Alondra Patron (708 points)

Yuma High School: First place, Angel Gastelum (518 points); Second place, Tammy Brooks (459 points); Third place, Lizbeth Villanueva (287 points)

Collectively, 205 YUHSD students participated in “Read Across the Universe,” read a total of 1,726 books, and earned a total of 17,361 points.

YUHSD Librarians include: Cait Zaksheske at Yuma High School, Jessica Peralta at Cibola High School, RJ Kirkevold at Kofa High School, Lourdes Aranda at San Luis High School, and Lisa Dinwiddie at Gila Ridge High School.


Cibola winners.

Kofa winners.

San Luis winners.

Yuma High winners.

Lesley Avila