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YUHSD to add flexible seating for students through 100-Day grant

students in Mrs. Brown's classYuma Union High School District has been awarded $1.4 million through the 100-Day In-Person Reimbursement Grant Program. 

The district announced at its August 2022 Governing Board meeting that they will use the funds to add flexible seating in all six of its high schools to accommodate different learning styles and activities. 

With flexible seating, teachers open up more options in their classrooms to provide project-based learning, small group instruction and collaborative work; presentation areas to promote public speaking skills; and display areas throughout to provide space to celebrate student accomplishments.

“Flexible seating is related to a student-centered classroom/learning area,” YUHSD Associate Superintendent Lisa Anderson said. “It's about utilizing student-centered practices such as student voice, collaborative learning and prioritizing students' needs concerning the environment in which they learn. 

Hilary Brown, an English teacher at Vista High School, has implemented flexible seating in her classroom since 2018. Brown will adjust her classroom seating arrangement based on what she teaches that day. 

“Flexible seating allows students to make choices as soon as they walk into the room,” Brown said. “We know that student choice has a positive impact on learning. 

The grant, through the American Rescue Plan Act, was available to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) which held at least 100 days of in-person teaching during the 2020-21 school year. The funding will allow the schools to provide various learning opportunities for YUHSD students.

Christian Magana