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Cibola library CreateSpace provides walk-in enrichment each day

CHS student shows off some LEGO creations in the CreateSpaceThe Cibola High School library CreateSpace program, which started this month, has given students a place to participate in fun, engaging enrichment activities each day.

According to CHS Librarian Amanda Coltman, there is a daily calendar of events of what is happening in the library including but not limited to: origami, board games, LEGOS, tissue paper flowers for Hispanic Heritage Month, coloring meditation, Magnatiles, and Throwback Tech Thursdays, where students are able to test out technology from previous decades that their teachers and parents might have used when they were teenagers.

“Students are getting new opportunities to learn and try skills that might not be present in their classrooms all the time,” Coltman said. “These opportunities are also giving students a healthy and monitored place to relax and recharge, so they can be their best in the classroom.”

Across Yuma Union High School District libraries are more than just places to find research and reading material, but also a place where students can relax, try new things, compete in games or annual reading challenges, and expand their horizons.

Coltman added: “Since the CreateSpace program has started I have seen a steady increase of students wanting to come in and relax, read, and have fun. Our library is a safe and equitable place for all.”

Cibola is the only school with a CreateSpace program. However, students are encouraged to check with their school libraries on other campuses for upcoming activities and events.

Eric Patten