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Cibola library receives Believe in Reading Literacy Grant

The Cibola High School library has been awarded a $1,250 grant from the “Believe in Reading Literacy Program.”

Believe in Reading is funded by the Steve and Loree Potash Family Foundation based in Cleveland, Ohio. According to their website,, “Believe in Reading funds excellent programs dedicated to the teaching and encouragement of reading for all ages anywhere in the world.”

“I am very honored that the Believe in Reading Foundation considered my grant proposal for our students here at Cibola High School,” said CHS Librarian Amanda Coltman. “Our students deserve our best and the community support we get for reading and the students is something to be proud of.”

Coltman said she intends to use the money to update the Spanish and English non-fiction sections of the library, including test preparation materials. She will also be purchasing fiction and graphic novels both in Spanish and English.

“Being able to read well can determine a person's success in their career,” Coltman added. “Since we all want our students to be successful, it's important that we challenge them to practice reading every day.”

Kevin Swearingin