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Cibola Design a Bookmark Contest Winners

Cibola Librarian, Mrs. Coltman, would like to announce the winners for the "Design a Bookmark" Contest.  Each grade level had one winner and three runner-ups.

Freshman 1st place- Monique Marr

Runner ups- Danya Ramirez, Luis Jimenez, Lilly Martin

Sophomore 1st place- Karina Siemens

Runner ups- Kasey Ruiz, Victoria Anguiano, Alexandria Sellers

Junior 1st place- Kira Brown

Runner ups- Leslie Ruiz Lopez, Jannelle Juarez, Thanaporn Wasuthasawat

Senior 1st place- Ramona Ruiz

Runner ups- Eric Marquez, Anjolina Nava, Christian Barrera.

"It was a hard decision and we appreciate all who turned in their awesome art," states Mrs. Coltman

Freshmen Winner Sophomore Winner  Junior Winner  Senior Winner