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Cibola Performing Dance students take trip to NYC

Cibola High School Performing Dance teacher Lauren Siebel recently took 27 dance students to New York City from Thursday, Mar. 7 to Tuesday, Mar. 11, 2019. The focus of the trip was to experience New York City as an inspiration for their upcoming spring show.

“Getting to experience New York City as a dancer, not just a tourist, was an amazing opportunity that each of us dancers will cherish forever,” said Leilani Sanchez, Performing Dance student and Dance Club President. “Experiencing the change in weather, lifestyle, and cultures became something very eye opening. Yet getting to take dance classes from some of the industry’s best is what I liked most about the trip because each teacher offered something different, but each one showed me how important it is to follow through with one’s goals, passions, and dreams in life. The trip as a whole had an extremely positive impact on my mindset for my future.”

The dance students took six dance classes from various professional studios around the city (Alvin Ailey, Broadway Dance Center, Steps, and a Disney musical theater class from a cast member of Aladdin). They also watched the show Aladdin on Broadway.

“I saw my students grow in many ways: as a team, as dancers, and as young adults and friends,” Seibel said. “I was proud of their collective adventurous spirit as we traveled by bus, plane, subway, and by foot. Each of the master teachers commented on their professionalism and skill during their dance classes, for which I was very proud.”

The students also did a lot of sightseeing, including the 9/11 Memorial and a dinner cruise to view the Statue of Liberty.

“It was a trip I will never forget,” Seibel added, “Not only because of the magnitude of the city itself but because of the excitement and love for dance I saw in my students.”

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