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Numerous former and current Cibola students take up leadership roles in law enforcement explorer posts

Former and current Cibola High School students have recently accepted the challenge of numerous leadership positions within their respective Border Patrol Explorers, Yuma Police Department Explorers, and Yuma County Sheriff's Office Explorer posts.

"I had the honor of watching these Raiders come through the Cibola Law, Public Safety and Security (Criminal Justice) program, some are currently in their first year and some have been in it for three years,” said David Barrios, Cibola Law & Public Safety teacher. “To see these students apply things they learn from these posts and use them in the classroom and vice versa is truly amazing. I am proud to see these students push themselves out of their comfort zone while they take the first steps in pursuing their Criminal Justice career endeavors."

The following is a list of students in leadership roles within their explorer post:

Border Patrol Post #8245 (Graduation year)

Patrol Explorer in Charge Luz Santos ('21)

Deputy Patrol Explorer in Charge Eveline Cuadros Coronado ('20)

Explorer Operation Supervisor Lezley Barron ('21)

Border Patrol

 Yuma Police Department Explorers (ICE) (Graduation year)

Captain Natalia Gallegos ('17)

Sergeant Susana Saldana ('17)

Sergeant Sydney Cazares ('19)

YPD Explorers

 Yuma County Sheriff's Office Explorer Post #8066 (Graduation year)

Captain Samantha Lopez ('19)

Lieutenant Gabriel Herrera ('18)

Lieutenant Julian Gutierrez Bojorquez ('19)

Sergeant Jasmine Quintero ('21)

Yuma County Explorers

 All these Raiders went through a selection process to become a member of their respective post, and then underwent another extensive selection process to become leaders within their posts. Some of the activities that these posts are involved in include, but are not limited to: Community Service, law enforcement competitions, physical training, academies, and self-defense.  Also they have lessons on: Criminal Law, Crime Prevention, Cultural Diversity, DUIs, Report Writing, Ethics, Arrest and Search Procedures and many others that prepare for life and a career within their respective agency.

Kevin Swearingin