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Cibola Performing Choir earns Superior marks in NAU Jazz/Madrigal Festival

Cibola High School Performing Choir performed at the Northern Arizona University Jazz/Madrigal Festival on Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019.

It is the first time the Cibola choir has performed at this event. They were one of 132 choirs that performed, and earned a rating of I (Superior) in all 10 judging categories, for an overall top rating of I, Superior.

"Aside from singing beautifully, the students represented our school district and community very well," CHS Performing Choir teacher Brandon Stroup said. "Time and time again I was stopped by complete strangers, asking where we were from; each time commenting on how polite, well-mannered, and considerate the kids were. Overall, this was a wonderful experience for everyone involved and I am beyond proud of the kids."

The choir performed three songs for a judge (Dr. Iris Levine), after which they participated in a short clinic. The three songs performed were Thixo Onothando, arranged by Michael Barrett (Traditional isiXhosa), Muusika, by Part Uusberg, and I Will Rise, arranged by Craig Courtney and Lynda Hasseler.

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