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The Winners for the Cibola Science Fair are...

The Cibola Science Department is proud to announce the winners of the Cibola Science Fair projects:

100's Student name Project Name
1 Lauren Hudak and Jenan Meri Natural vs unnantural hand sanitizer, which is most effective
2 Taylor Clarkson Vitamin C Levels in Citrus Fruits
3 Quinn Martinez and Deijah Esquivel Plant-based Oils and Smoking Point
1 Julia Whitson Using Nanotechnology to Optimize Oil Removal
2 Francisco Sanchez Acid Rain Affecting our plant
3 Lyana Trejo #Stopsucking
1 Kenia Zepeda and David Apodaca Breathe worms, breathe!
2 Jacob Orta & Brendan McCoy Social Behaviors of Different Generations of Mice
3 Karina Siemens Stcky Feathers
1 Francise Gonzales What is the Effect of UV RAys on Algae?
2 Michell Gastelum Downy Mildew
3 Dayani Ortiz Too Sweet To Be True
1 Amar Hassan Potential of Thermoelectric Energy Devices
2 Jonathon Bowels and Jamie Rivera Simple Electric Motor
3 Jathom Clark and Guadalupe Diaz Parachute Shape and Descent Time
1 Viviana Schwamm Which Acne Medication Can Really Zap That Zit
2 Kassandra Ruiz Green Around the Gills
3 Bennett Meyer-Wills and Taylor Rawson The Energy or Protein
1 Quinn Nemeth Optimizing Horizontal wind Turbine Performance by Filtering
2 Jack Luttrbeck Fast Skin or Grab Big
3 Gabriel McCallen How temperature affect the elasticity of rubber bands?
1 Sharon Garbooshiah and Alexandria Sellers Which Causes More Hatred?
2 Skyelynn Bermudez and Peter Ngo Effect of Music on the Brain
3 Clark Calvert The effects on sugar on Cognition