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School to Work & Career Exploration students participate in a unique experience

Students from Cibola High School’s School to Work and Career Exploration classes got some hands-on experience with the history of hot air balloons and the scientific principles that allow them to fly on Friday, Nov. 16, 2018 as part of the annual Colorado River Crossing Hot Air Balloon Festival.

The pilot, who operates the Wells Fargo balloon, talked to students about what it's like to fly. They also got a chance to walk around and receive a demonstration with the basket and burners that help send the craft soaring.

“My experience was good,” a Cibola student said about the trip. “I had never been that close to a hot air balloon. The most exciting part was learning that they use propane to power the hot air balloon.”

Students interviewed the hot-air balloon pilot to investigate safety measures taken when preparing for flight, when in flight and preparing for landing. They experienced this community event while learning about math, science and career principles. Upon returning from the balloon festival, students were asked to sketch a favorite scene or event that they recall from the experience. Students also prepared a written summary of their experience.

School to Work and Career Exploration classes are offered through Cibola’s Special Education Department. Students in Career Exploration are able to obtain a variety of on-the-job experiences through the class, including working in the school cafeteria, the greenhouse project, creating a cookbook, a maintenance project, and the teacher luncheon project. Students also learn about the job application process and focus on completing a résumé, interviewing skills and completing job applications.

School to Work class encompasses a variety of transitional goals with an emphasis on daily living activities and pre-vocational skills. Topics include, but are not limited to, job skills, advocacy skills, time management and organization, job interview and making application for meaningful employment.

School To Work & Career Exploration Students

Kevin Swearingin