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Cibola Art Teacher designs trophy for 'Tribute of the Muses'

Cibola High School Advanced Placement Visual Arts Teacher, Joanna Cardenas, has been selected as the design winner for the "Tribute of the Muses" trophy.

The event will be held Friday, Oct. 12, 2018 at the Historic Yuma Theater. Cardenas’ design, “Kario’s Kiss,” was chosen by The Public Art Committee of the Yuma Parks & Recreation Arts and Culture Program. She was awarded $400 for her efforts.

“Creating the trophy was a very lengthy process with a lot of problem solving, but I enjoyed every moment of it,” Cardenas said.  “It was thrilling having to come up with solutions. It was a challenge because it involved working in different mediums like resin, ceramic and welding. Each medium requires patience and a lot of practice. I'm very satisfied with the outcome. It is very ethereal.”

The purpose of this event is to honor artists in the Yuma community who have made an impact within the community.

“I designed the trophy based on the ancient Greek word ‘Kairos’ along with Aristotle's and Plato's philosophy of it,” Cardenas added. “The word ‘Kairos’ meaning the right, critical, or opportune moment in which someone must take action to succeed. The trophy was designed to be awarded for someone who has taken the right opportune moment to make a difference in our community in terms of the arts so I thought ‘Kairos' Kiss’ would be an appropriate name for it. I'm fascinated by the concept of time and Greek philosophy. It's an ongoing theme in my artwork. The sculpture's ceramic face is a symbol for the ‘Kairos’ while the resin golden triangle symbolizes the alignment with the opportune moment.”

This event is free to attend and open to the public.

Joana Cardenas


Kevin Swearingin