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Cibola Teacher wins "One Class at a Time" award

Cibola High School Special Education teacher Tayde Lund received the August "One Class at a Time" award from KECY Fox 9, sponsored by Children's Dental Pediatric Specialist - Dr. John Kempton.

“Winning $500 for my Special Education class is so amazing,” Lund said.  “I teach School to Work and Career Exploration class. Students taking these classes learn about themselves and the world of work. These classes help students with special needs develop an effective strategy to realize their transition post-secondary goals. The students learn job skills in maintenance and janitorial services. I have been wanting to purchase a janitorial work caddy and some other cleaning supplies to help the students effectively do their jobs in class.”

“One Class at a Time” is a program to help fulfill needs of local schools in Yuma County. The campaign awards $500 every month identifying and funding applications for classroom projects throughout Yuma County schools.

“They also help with recycling on campus and we needed to get more supplies to help with the program, spray bottles and towels to clean the recycle bins,” Lund said. “Posters, paint and other art materials in the class will be helpful for the students to make poster announcements of the work they do in class. A nice pencil sharpener, since our students use a lot of colored pencils we have struggled with our old pencil sharpener. I am beyond thrilled to be able to give my students an opportunity to get new things to work with! They deserve it the most! I'm beyond thankful to Dr. Kempton and Children's Dental for this awesome opportunity to be able to give our students so much!” 

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Kevin Swearingin