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YUHSD introduces Edgenuity

Yuma Union High School District has a new credit recovery system for students.

Following a pilot program with Vista High School at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year, the district rolled out Edgenuity this month to help at-risk students get back on a path towards graduation.

“We are finding a lot of value in Edgenuity because it helps students and teachers focus on learning rather than the technology, which works flawlessly,” Vista Principal Brett Surguine said. “It is familiar to our students because they've used it before in elementary or middle school. The classes are easy to navigate and give students feedback to keep them moving forward. Students can see how many lessons they need to complete each day and teachers get alerts when a student needs extra support. The courses are also personalized to students based on what they already know. If students pass a pre-test, they move on to the next lesson right away. Our students frequently know more and have more skills than what we see on their transcript, and this helps students make faster progress toward graduation.”

Choosing Edgenuity was a lengthy process. In the summer of 2019, an Online Learning Platform Committee was formed to research potential replacements for the district’s previous credit recovery system, A+.

“The goal of this committee was to find a product that students could use for credit recovery,” YUHSD Director of Education Technology Melissa Ellegood said. “The committee researched various products and learned a little more about available programs. Then we had three companies present to the committee. Edgenuity was the clear winner.”

Edgenuity has a track record for improving student performance. According to a case study with Appleton Central High School in Wisconsin, for example, after one year of implementation the four-year graduation rate for at-risk students increased from 16 percent to 46 percent and the dropout rate declined from 14 to 9 percent.

YUHSD began implementing Edgenuity in May 2020, a process that took several months. One of the immediate advantages with the system is that it is customized to match Cambridge curriculum, so students working in Edgenuity will be familiar with the structure and demands of lessons. The program also authenticates through the YUHSD information system so users can use their district credentials to login in.

“One of the biggest, and most important, factors for the Technology Department, for any new software, is the ability to integrate well with our current enterprise systems,” YUHSD Director of Technology Brandan Krizay said. “Edgenuity checked all those boxes.”

By August, Vista became pioneers for Edgenuity; helping identify problems that Principal Surguine would communicate to the district’s technology team. After two months, Vista’s work paved the way for the program to utilized at all six campuses. Families with questions about Edgenuity or interested in more information should contact their respective school’s counseling office or visit the Edgenuity page under the online classes section of

Eric Patten