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Somerton High School reveals logos for Toros mascot

SHS logosSomerton High School revealed the logos for their Toros mascot on Thursday, July 14, 2022.

The logo reveal, which features four variations, including a Toro head, full-body Toro, a stylized “S”, and a crest that will be displayed on diplomas and other documents in the future.

“Somerton High School will consist of a proud community reflected in its mascot and logos,” SHS Principal Lucky Arvizo said. “The ‘Toros’ represent a sense of family, strength, respect and perseverance. Students will be empowered to achieve personal excellence through a dynamic learning environment and a collegial atmosphere. We are extremely excited and looking forward to August 2023. ‘Go Toros!’”

To see all four logos as well as the mascot reveal video, construction updates, and more, visit the newly created “official” Somerton High School Facebook page at:

Eric Patten