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Kofa student one of six in nation to receive prestigious scholarship

Kofa High School student Diana Ochoa was awarded the Albert Lee Wright Jr. Memorial Scholarship.

Ochoa is one of six students in the United States to be awarded the prestigious scholarship, which is given to migrant students by the Migrant National Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. The purpose of the scholarship is to enable students from a migratory agricultural or fishing family to attend college without financial burden. The scholarship, named after staunch advocate for migratory students Albert Lee Wright, is awarded at the national conference each year. Diana Ochoa

While attending the conference, Ochoa gave a stirring speech that brought the audience to tears.

“The fact that I stand here today, in 12th grade, about to graduate high school and with the luxurious opportunity to attend college, astounds me and fills me entirely with gratitude,” said Ochoa, who will be attending Arizona Western College in the fall. “Everything I have and everything I am is because of my parents. Through their hard work and sacrifice, they were able to bring my siblings and I to the United States all so we could have a chance at a better future. They willingly traded their dreams and aspirations, all so my siblings and I could have a chance at pursuing our own.”

The annual Migrant National Conference is put on by the National Association of State Directors of Migrant Education. According to its website, NASDME is a professional organization of state officials charged with the effective and productive management of supplemental programs that help migrant children succeed in school. NASDME provides its members ongoing information about policy developments and offers new members professional development, guidance, and counsel. It prepares publications to inform a wider audience about Migrant Education. It also represents the Migrant Education community in continuing dialogues with the federal government.