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Arizona Supreme Court to hear oral arguments at San Luis High School

The Arizona Supreme Court will hear oral arguments at San Luis High School on Thursday, Feb. 13 at 9 a.m. as part of the Court’s “oral arguments on the road” community outreach program.

The Court hears arguments at Arizona’s two state law schools each year and at other local venues around the state, including in Arizona schools and community centers. The event in

San Luis is open to the public with limited seating in the campus performing arts center.

“It’s a unique experience for the students of San Luis High School and our community, and we are excited to host the Arizona Supreme Court,” San Luis High School Principal Lucky Arvizo said. “We have a large number of students who are interested in the field of law and public safety as well as government, but the chance to see the judicial system in action and converse with Supreme Court judges is a fantastic opportunity for all of our students.”

The student body and members of the public will be able to review summaries of the legal issues being considered by the Court and will be able to participate in a question and answer session with the justices following the arguments. Students in the school’s Career & Technical Education agriculture program will host a private lunch for the Court after the arguments.

“We are looking forward to visiting the growing community of San Luis, Arizona,” Chief Justice Robert Brutinel said. “The Arizona Supreme Court hears cases outside of the courthouse at least four times per year.  We regularly try to visit communities outside of Phoenix to keep in touch with local community concerns and to emphasize that we are the Supreme Court of the entire State of Arizona. We enjoy the opportunity to answer students’ questions and hopefully to start some of them thinking about a career in the law and in the judicial branch.”

San Luis High School and Yuma Union High School District has worked closely with Arizona Supreme Court personnel to coordinate the event. The cases before the Court in San Luisꟷand all Supreme Court oral argumentsꟷwill be livestreamed at

Eric Patten