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YUHSD to host weeklong College, Career, Community & Military Fair

The Yuma Union High School District mission is for students to graduate from one of the district’s six schools: college, career, and community prepared. This year all students will get a head start on their futures by taking part in a weeklong event geared towards learning about college, career, military and community opportunities.

It’s the annual College, Career, and Military Fair… with a twist.

Instead of a single-night, in-person event as in year’s past, all six schools will host 30-minute mini-events each day of the school week on the Canvas Learning Management System, beginning Monday, November 15, 2021.

"This project was planned and designed with accessibility in mind,” YUHSD Director of Education Technology Bibi Frazine said. “We want all of our students to have equity of access to the support that YUHSD and our surrounding communities can offer. We have created a live site that will be constantly updated using the feedback we get from students. We want to support any and all pathways our students embark upon: College, Community, Career and Military ready."

To kick off the event, aptly themed “Bring It Back Home,” students will view a special message from local mayors and take part in a scavenger hunt centered on learning about the three cities YUHSD serves: Yuma, Somerton and San Luis. From there each day will have a unique focus, with lessons planned to give students insight into available opportunities. Content was curated by a team of community partners and YUHSD counselors as well as Frazine and Kofa High School Instructional Leader Kaisa Tabor.

“In past events, it’s been a more traditional career fair feel with booths and a set time and date for parents and students to take part,” YUHSD Chief Communications Officer Eric Patten said. “This year’s event will be far more inclusive because it’s taking place at all schools, during the school day, with a lot of the same partners we had included in the previous years’ traditional fairs.”

Nearly 11,000 students will participate next week with the content remaining on Canvas throughout the school year, so students can return to it. According to Frazine, information will be updated from November until May.

“The end goal of the event is for students to use the information at their disposal to not only better their futures,” Frazine added. “But the futures of those around them, and hopefully make a difference in our local community as well.”

Eric Patten