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Yuma Airport unveils welcome sign created by Kofa welding students

Dignitaries and civic leaders were on hand at the Yuma International Airport on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 as a new welcome sign and the extension of the multi-use path intersection. Norm Champagne, Gina Thompson and others

The sign, which was completed over the course of the 2018-19 school year by Kofa High School welding students, was unveiled after several brief words from community leaders. The event was hosted by Yuma International Airport.

“We’re happy to partner with the airport and the Airport Authority on the sign,” Kofa High School CTE Instructional Leader Norm Champagne said. “It was certainly a big part of the year and appreciate being able to do this with the City.”

The sign was created from materials donated to the Kofa program, and includes a white silhouette of an airplane landing with the words “Welcome to Yuma International Airport” in white block letters below it.

“This project is a Yuma thing,” said John Courtis, Executive Director Yuma Chamber of Commerce. “They came out, they raised their hand, they had checkbooks, they had drafting tables. It’s what Yuma is all about. It’s amazing.”

This is the fifth “welcome” sign Yuma Union High School District welding programs have constructed for the City of Yuma. Last month, Yuma High School welders unveiled a “Welcome to Yuma” sign on the corner of 4th Avenue and 1st Street, while Kofa, Gila Ridge and San Luis high schools have also created signs at key entry points to the city since 2016.

Eric Patten