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YHS students lead library reading challenge with most books read

YUMA, AZ — Students from across Yuma Union High School District participated in the 2021-22 reading challenge hosted by their respective campus librarian. This year’s challenge was called “Reading from A to Z,” where the goal was for students to read books that had titles or authors that began with specific letters, until they read at least one from each letter of the alphabet.

Overall, YUHSD students read more than 225 books as part of the challenge.

After reading a book from each letter, students were asked to write a critical review in order as proof of completion and to be eligible to win a prize. The top three students who earned the most points from each school won a Barnes & Noble gift card, personally donated by librarians.  

"Every year, the district librarians love putting on a fun reading challenge for students,” Yuma High School Librarian Cait Zaksheske said. “This year's challenge was particularly compelling because, speaking for Yuma High, we had a couple last second challengers who really mixed up the competition. I love seeing kids get excited and competitive about reading!"

This was the fourth consecutive year district librarians have collaborated for a reading challenge in support of literacy, with students reading well over 1,000 books in that period.  

YUHSD Librarians include: Zaksheske, Peggy Evans at Gila Ridge High School, RJ Kiekevold at Kofa High School, and Lourdes Aranda at San Luis High School.

Below are the winners from each participating school (numbers listed are total books read by that respective student):

Yuma High School: First place: Lexia Terrones, 44; Second place: Aldo Favela, 26; Third place: Angel Gastelum, 22

Cibola High School: First place: Josselyn Espinoza, 20; Second place: Niko Sellers, 14; Third place: Kaia Farar, 9

San Luis High School: First place: Valeria Partida Martinez, 22; Second place: Emily Carranza, 12; Third place: Armando Angulo, 11

Kofa High School: First place: Erin Little, 15; Second place: Angela Trejo-Flores, 8; Third place: Analyse Contreras, 4

Gila Ridge High School: First place: Emma Christensen, 21

Lesley Avila