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Yuma High Choir records Alma Mater

Mr. Chapman, YHS Choir Director and his students went on a quest to bring back the glory of our Alma Mater. Mr Chapman describes the process by saying, “after much detailed research, I found that Yuma High School does not have a recording of the school song. (Alma Mater) I then went on a quest to find a music score of the Alma Mater to which after hours of digging in my choral library I found. After rearranging some harmonies, while keeping the melody and lyrics completely intact, I had an arrangement ready to put in front of my students. It was ultimately decided to make a virtual choir of the Alma Mater in order to continue our observance of Covid-19 as well as to finally have an official recording of the school song. I am immensely proud of the work my students put into this recording during this ongoing pandemic. We hope you enjoy!”

All this was accomplished virtually.  Mr. Chapman explains, “The effects of Covid-19 on student learning and teacher instruction has been a challenge for every student and every teacher in every subject. Covid-19 has been especially challenging for those of us operating in the performing arts. Social distancing, masks, no social gatherings, and limits on rehearsals have taken away the most essential aspects of our trade and create seemingly insurmountable obstacles for students to overcome. With a vast majority of my students being new to a musical ensemble, let alone choir; the effects of Covid-19 in my class have been especially prominent. I wanted to give the students a project that would make them proud of who they are and where they came from. Something that made them feel a part of something bigger than themselves. When I found the school Alma Mater tucked far behind all the other music, collecting dust, unseen for perhaps years, lost to time; I immediately decided this was the song I wanted to challenge my students with. We started rehearsing the song in March and here 2 months later my students have exceeded high beyond those insurmountable challenges. We are proud to present the YHS Alma Mater Virtual Choir (edition) Please share with friends, family, and community members this treasure from our historic school."