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Yuma High School Fine Arts student exhibition: “A Visual History of Yuma”

YHS artwork by Nadia Diaz Yuma High School’s Art Club will host an evening of student artwork, “A Visual History of Yuma.” The opening will be held on Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019 from 5:30-9 p.m. in the Yuma High Art Gallery in the Snider building.

The student art work in this exhibition will feature historic places, people and events in Yuma’s past, along with technically experimenting in mixed media. The students have researched, visited and had the honor of guest speakers inspire this show.

Ari Reyes, whose art piece is entitled, “The Lyric Theatre,” said, “My experience with this project has been very pleasant. I’ve had time to think when it came to my project and I felt like I’ve chosen something unique and different. I hope later in the future I can work on more projects like this one.” 

Another Yuma High art student, Nadia Diaz, who worked on a piece titled, “A Step for Yumankind,” features imagery about Jose Redondo the first mayor of Yuma.

“My experience when creating this piece was very rewarding, especially because art is a way for me to relieve stress,” Diaz said.

Yuma High Art Teacher, Peggy Andrews, in her second year teaching with the District, added: “I am impressed with my Art II students’ courage and focus to not only to take on mixed-media with the many technical facets, but to spend six weeks working on the same piece in the different stages of development and bring their visual narrative to completion. Hats off to my Criminal Artists! This has been a successful project in so many ways.”

“A Visual History of Yuma” will run through the evening of November 22. The gallery will be opened during all live performances scheduled in the Snider Auditorium. For exact dates, please check the Yuma High School Calendar of Events on the school website.

Peggy Andrews