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Criminals come to aid of ensnared hawk

Yuma High School’s Facilities & Maintenance Supervisor Tony Garcia not only oversees the maintenance and upkeep of the grounds at YHS, but as of Thursday, Mar. 14, he is also known as a… hawk rescuer.

The cellular tower that sits behind the centerfield fence at Doan Field on the Yuma High campus had a hawk trapped inside of it. Jon Zimmerman, who oversees field maintenance, informed Garcia that he had heard some sounds coming from inside the tower.

“There’s a hole in the tower for upkeep, and maintenance,” Garcia said. “A hawk had found its way inside, and gotten one of his talons all tangled up in the wire that sits inside of it.”

It is unknown how long the hawk was trapped inside the tower, but it seemed most appreciative when Tony got in there to rescue him.

“He didn’t try and peck at me, or claw me,” Garcia said. “We figured that from the size of the hawk his wingspan was about 5 feet, and his talons were razor sharp.”

From upkeep to making sure the fields are lined to saving a hawk, Garcia and his crew never have a dull moment.

“My guys down in the shop keep calling me Hawk man, or Tony Hawk!” Garcia said, laughing.