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YHS Staff Members of the Month: August

What does it take to become a staff member of the month here at Yuma High School?

Math teacher Tish Malone, who is spearheading the “Staff Member of the Month” awards gave some insight on what it takes to be chosen. “A Google selection sheet is sent out to YHS Staff members and then the falculty gets to vote on who they feel is deserving of the award."

Award recipients are selected because they stand out and make a difference every day, according to Prinicpal Bob Chouinard. Staff members who are chosen get a certificate and a Criminal excellence medallion. There are two staff members selected each month: one from the classified area and another from the certified area. 

The recipeints of the award for the month of August are: Social Studies Insructional Leader Travis Gauthier and Administrative Assistant Melissa Rodrick.