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Yuma High student wins state commercial contest

Yuma High School junior Mariella Rodriguez has won the SkoolLive commercial contest for the state of Arizona.

SkoolLive, a company which provides in-school interactive kiosk systems that serve as a digital bulletin board, invited students across the state to create and submit original10-second commercials for a product of their choosing. Winners were awarded with scholarships from $50-$1,000.

“I was honestly so surprised,” said Rodriguez. “It was really fun to make, but I didn’t think I would win.”

Rodriguez submitted a commercial for her favorite soft drink, Sprite. Yuma High juniors Isabellah Ortega, Jwliannah Ortega, and Anthony Nunez also submitted commercials to the contest.

SkoolLive is an innovative digital, interactive kiosk system that is streamlining school-to-student communication. The SkoolLive on-campus kiosks are 60” high-definition, touch-sensitive screens housed in a 7-foot tall frame looking much like a giant iPhone. The kiosks are securely wall mounted.

Emily Rutherford