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Last Chance Meetings to Help Students Pass Classes

last chance

Last Chance Meetings last 2 weeks of school to to help students pass classes

In the last two weeks we see students come from behind and pass their classes. During this time we want students to have every opportunity to turn things around and succeed in their classes.

Teachers will be holding special “Last Chance Meetings” to help students push through and pass classes. Students who join will have time with their teacher to:

  • Understand what assignments and tests will help them pass
  • Get help on challenging material
  • Discuss alternative ways to demonstrate learning

Last Chance Meetings are from 2pm - 3:30pm on the following dates:

  • Thursday, December 10
  • Friday, December 11
  • Tuesday, December 15
  • Wednesday, December 16

Students will join Last Chance Meetings from the Canvas page of their class.