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CTE classes get on-the-job training at Olive Garden

Vista High School’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) Culinary, Hospitality, and Business classes participated in Olive Garden’s Front and Back of the House Tour and Lunch program on Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017.

The tour provided students an opportunity for on-the-job training and get a feel for what working in the service industry might entail. “A real life business seems to have a lot of stressful components and to have a successful business all employees have to do their part,” VHS business student Ashley Aguirre said.

All the students from the program got to witness how their school programs can set them up to understand how hospitality helps to run the “front of house” and culinary keeps the “back of house” organized to keep a business operating at its best.

Seeing the restaurant run their dining room area gave students a firsthand experience on the importance of customer service skills.  “I think that Olive Garden treats their customers with a lot of respect and they’re always attentive with them,” VHS hospitality student Vanya Valtierra said.

Students also got to go behind the scenes and really see how many people can come together to make sure that a meal is properly prepared and served in a timely manner.  “I think the kitchen at Olive Garden is amazing because I can see all the production that they made and they cook very well,” VHS culinary student Edwin Macias said. 

The students were also treated to a lunch provided by Olive Garden. Overall, the students seemed were thankful for the opportunity to see the business world at work and learn about what it takes for successful employment. 

Christopher Franey