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Renowned trainer Tim Grover helps YUHSD kick off new school year

Trainer Tim Grover gave Yuma Union High School District faculty and staff a rousing call to be “relentless” in their pursuit of excellence Monday at the District’s annual kick-off event at Gila Ridge High School.

Grover, who is best known for founding Attack Athletics in Chicago and working with NBA superstars Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Charles Barkley, and Dwyane Wade. The tenets of his book “Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable" were part of his keynote address to more than 1,000 YUHSD staff and faculty as well as members of the Yuma community.

“Every person in this room has the opportunity to change another person’s or their own individual story,” Grover said in his hour-long presentation. “That’s powerful.”

YUHSD is taking a cue from Grover in encouraging its employees to focus on betterment in the classroom as well as all aspects of teaching, coaching and leading. During Monday’s event, two student speakers from Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes, Xiamara Garza from Kofa High School and Kayley Melton from Gila Ridge High School, talked about how teachers’ “passion” and “encouragement” go a long way in helping build confidence in their students.

Turning that passion into results is where Grover comes in.

“The only way passion, that inner drive, works is if there is action behind it,” he said. “You have to produce results over and over again. Enjoy your success. Enjoy it but don’t celebrate.”

In addition to Grover’s keynote address and Garza and Melton’s speeches, Kofa’s Junior ROTC presented the colors and Gila Ridge’s Madeleine Hayes sang the National Anthem to start the auditorium portion of the morning.

Overall, the event lasted nearly three hours, including community organizations and local businesses meeting with YUHSD staff during a continental breakfast. It also served as an opportunity for the certified and classified staff from across the District to share a morning together and celebrate the start of the 2017-18 school year.

The first day of school is Thursday, August 3.  

Tim Grover at Gila Ridge High School

Eric Patten