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Change to traffic law in school zones

Arizona traffic safety laws have recently changed regarding violations within posted school zones, while school is in session.

Here is the new law (ARS 28-797.F):

“A vehicle shall not proceed at a speed of more than fifteen miles per hour between the portable signs placed on the highway indicating that there shall be no passing, that school is in session and that the driver shall stop when children are in the crosswalk.”

Previously, the law stated that vehicles could resume normal speed after passing the crosswalk. However, to better keep children out of harm’s way, the 15 MPH zone has been extended until you pass the last sign.

For further clarification: The new verbiage states “between the portable signs”. The “last sign” is usually the one facing the opposite flow of traffic.

Many campuses in Yuma Union High School District have elementary and middle schools nearby. Please be aware of the new law when driving to your campuses.