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YUHSD Governing Board approves Vista name change

The Yuma Union High School District Governing Board, on Wednesday, Mar. 13, 2019, approved removing the word “alternative” from the title of Vista High School.

The measure was passed by way of a 5-0 vote and was based, in part, on “overwhelming” survey data that showed students and staff members alike supported the change.

“I feel very good about the name change,” VHS Principal Brett Surguine said after the meeting. “I want our students to feel proud about the work they do and this takes away one more obstacle towards what makes them proud.”

Since being established in 1991, Vista High School has served students who benefit from a smaller academic environment and different strategies that would support their high school graduation.

“The word "Alternative" can have different meanings for individuals outside of our district,” YUHSD Superintendent Gina Thompson said. “Students who may benefit from the smaller environment may hesitate or not understand the label of 'alternative'. The change to Vista

High School aligns with our other high schools and the academic experience of our Lobos.”

The change goes into effect immediately with signage on the front of the school and its marquee being updated within the coming weeks.


Eric Patten