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Vista Alternative High School celebrates Credit Hunters & Attendance Howlers

Vista Alternative High School students were honored on Feb. 14, 2019 as part of the first-ever Credit Hunters and Attendance Howlers ceremony at the Yuma Union High School District board room. VAHS families at awards ceremony

A Credit Hunter and/or an Attendance Howler are Vista’s way of having an A-team that helps students receive recognition and also helps them to receive positive remarks for their hard work in gaining academic credit towards their high school diploma and for their punctuality.  VAHS Principal Brett Surguine and his leadership team branded this ceremony towards the school’s mascot of the Lobo, hence the Hunter and Howler theme. 

The criteria for recognition was set at a level of maximizing your time while at Vista Alternative.  Students at the school can take four classes and in some cases also gain credit through online programs offered through YUHSD's online programs. In order to be a Credit Hunter, a student would have earned four or more credits in that semester, which would mean they earned all or more of the possible credit in that semester. To gain the title of Attendance Howler, a student would need to have been present for 90 percent or more of the 90-day semester.

“The students who will get this honor are catching up, getting back on track, or getting ahead,” Surguine said. “That is something to celebrate. These students have shown that they are ready for success and that school is a priority. It takes commitment and resolve to be at school every day. Most of these students are working hard in classes, which I think shows the value of consistent attendance.” 

Here is a list of the students recognized:


Shanna Theresa Miller

Michael Jesus Rosales

Stacey Liliana Carrillo

Severo Angel Lopez

Rubi Cabrera

Christian Eduardo Juarez Valenzuela

Bryan Eduardo Lara Luna

Alexia Isabel Munoz

Marley Rosales

Arnold Delgado Correa

Leslie Juarez

Angel Luis Luera

Jose Abraham Mendoza

Mija Gay Mills

Arlyne Carolina Perpuly Heredia

Bryana Unique Taylor

Thomas Richard Brown

Joel Coronel

Robert Benjamin Durfee

Bryan Jesus Escamilla

Sol Alina Estrada

Alexia Elise Figueroa Gonzalez

Ilianna Mejia Gandara

Bryana Monik Joya

Guadalupe Leyva

Jhoanna Martinez Garcia

Dulce Bianca Nevarez

Natzumy Yazunary Quintero

Jade Noemi Solorzano

Kobe James Young

Adam Camarillo

Alberto Rios Lara

Dario Hernandez

Beatris Osornio

Aaron Rodriguez Perez

Carlos Hernandez-Rios

Javier Lopez

Fernando Segovia

Christopher Franey