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Neighboring schools compete in hospitality realm

With Vista Alternative High School located within walking distance of Kofa High School, students in the Career Technical Education (CTE) Hospitality and Culinary programs can now network and compete against their peers in the community. students competing in hospitality field

On Dec. 5, 2018, five students from VAHS (Natzumy Quintero, Ashley Felix, Mija Mills, Bridgett Tullie, and Team Captain Pedro Pacheco) went to the Table Service Training to see firsthand how to properly set up and hands on practice for dining services. 

VAHS Hospitality teacher Arisbey Garcia said, “Table service is an important skill for everyone to use in a personal, social, or business setting. Both school teams did amazing and Vista Alternative won the competition by a few points, but it was a close match with many events and the points added up.”

A Cibola Culinary student, Exavier Jimenez, won a T-shirt for customer service training. The trainers decided to take advantage of schools from the YUHSD programs and have them compete with each other. The students said they enjoyed the real-world practice as well as being able to get an idea of how the state competitions could function by working with and against other students.

Chris Franey