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Student Spotlight: First Semester

Vista High School faculty highly recommended two students for the first semester of the school’s spotlight feature. Adriana Madrid and Steven Clark have shown, during their time at Vista, that they have the ability to overcome challenges, set lofty goals, and strive for achievement.

Adriana, who is currently a senior, is getting ready to graduate this month. She had several “low points” along the way that she says could have brought her down. However, she kept a positive attitude and has made amazing advances. By taking advantage of the Extended Learning Program (ELP) and A+ that Yuma Union High School District offers, Adriana was able to recover her time and earn her credits. She also served as Teachers Assistant and office assistant on campus. She kept herself on track and focused, and earned her diploma on Dec. 15, 2017.

“I’ve learned now, since I’m four days away from graduating, that it wasn’t a mistake, but it was just a little bump in the road that I overcame,” Adriana said. “I want to thank Vista High School for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself, for giving me a chance to become something for my daughter.” 

Steven joined Vista midway through first semester, but has already done an amazing job of recovering credits and advancing his education. Steven is also another student that is using the ELP/A+ programs to his fullest advantage and has managed to go from a full school day to early release along with having a very light load for the second semester of his senior year.

“As his former Lobo Academy teacher I saw in Steven a very determined student and has learned to stay goal driven,” VHS teacher Chris Franey Said. “He went in full force to Academy and recovered/finished his courses and quickly exited the class. I’m very happy to know that he shares his new found time productively.”

Steven has been volunteering with Alice Byrne’s Garden Club on Mondays and helping his former second grade teacher in the classroom. Steven said he volunteers because he “wants to influence our future generation in the most positive way possible.”

“Some kids don’t have a positive male role model in their life and I’m able to be that for them,” he added. “Another thing is I’m a people pleaser and when I can make someone’s day, it makes my day.” 

On top of his schooling and volunteering, Steven holds a works with Assisted Living by serving food for their residents.

“I’m very amazed that he does the work on top of his classes and volunteering,” VHS teacher Jason Morien said.

Steven set a system of short term goals that he likes to make daily and weekly to keep himself on a positive track. His long term goal is to get a bachelor’s degree and follow his dream and passion for teaching elementary level grades. He is hoping to make that goal by accomplishing shorter term grades that he will graduate high school with a 3.0 GPA, earn money towards college and gain job experience, along with volunteering whenever possible.

Both Adriana and Steven are well-known inside the classroom, but it is also great to know they are highly dependable and valued as helping our classified staff.

VHS Office Specialist Ruby Camarillo has worked with both students in the front office. She has shared a quote by Roy T. Bennett with the students: “It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down. All that matters is that you get up one more time than you were knocked down.”

Adriana Madrid (left) and Steven Clark.

Christopher Franey