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Vista Principal awarded Principal of the Month from GCU

Vista High School Principal Brett Surguine was awarded theBrett Surguine with award from GCU. Principal of the Month award from Grand Canyon University (GCU) at the Yuma Union High School District Governing Board meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2022. 

“I am grateful to Grand Canyon University for its efforts to celebrate diverse schools and their leaders throughout the state,” Surguine said. “I will enjoy sharing this honor with the dedicated and talented staff who work at Vista High School and Strategies for Success.”

Dr. Cherryl Paul and Dr. Jennifer Johnson from GCU traveled to Yuma to present the award to Surguine on behalf of GCU for his innovation, creativity and trauma-informed practices at VHS. 

Surguine was presented with a unique GCU Antelope plaque that is only given to recipients of the principal of the month award, a basket with GCU merchandise, and a monetary gift from Caroline Lobo, owner of Suoll Architects, who has designed all of GCU’s buildings over the last decade. 

“What you do on behalf of your students, staff, and community is absolutely remarkable,” Paul said to Surguine during the meeting. 

GCU’s goal is to recognize 9 outstanding principals across Arizona who have demonstrated creativity and vision at their schools every year. 

Somerton High School Principal Lucky Arvizo was the last YUHSD principal to win this award in January 2021 when he was the principal at San Luis High School.

Lesley Avila